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Portrait Salon 2013 & National Portrait Gallery


At Chemotherapy’s End


The Curated Ego: ‘Selfie’ discussion at National Portrait Gallery, London


This image was selected for the Portrait Salon 2013, as part of my self-portrait project titled Reality Trauma, which is about my time with cancer; Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2012.

The project was a personal journey exploring my losses and gains and coming to terms with my illness through my own work using self-portraits and documentary photography.

The self-portrait here was also talked about at the National Portrait Gallery in early 2014 as part of a discussion on what makes a successful ‘selfie’ photograph where I got an honorary mention. This can be viewed at Youtube; The Curated Ego: What Makes a Good Selfie?


Sailor dress

Sailor dress




Pearl Necklace

Elegance, a fashion shoot looking at the 1940’s fashion era and exploring the theme of elegance in that time frame.

Models: Anne Attrebi and Rosie Tearle

Fashion Assistant: Stephanie Attrebi