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My work from ‘Reality Trauma‘ was featured this week in a blog by ‘Left a Bit‘, which is a platform for photographers, curators and artists. To see more from them and to see my post “When Courage and Photography Combine click on the link:

Portrait Salon 2013 & National Portrait Gallery


At Chemotherapy’s End


The Curated Ego: ‘Selfie’ discussion at National Portrait Gallery, London


This image was selected for the Portrait Salon 2013, as part of my self-portrait project titled Reality Trauma, which is about my time with cancer; Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2012.

The project was a personal journey exploring my losses and gains and coming to terms with my illness through my own work using self-portraits and documentary photography.

The self-portrait here was also talked about at the National Portrait Gallery in early 2014 as part of a discussion on what makes a successful ‘selfie’ photograph where I got an honorary mention. This can be viewed at Youtube; The Curated Ego: What Makes a Good Selfie?

Harveys Ale

Harveys Ale is a photo project I produced at Harveys Brewery in Lewes, East Sussex. I produced a series of photographs as formal portraits and documentary combined, of the fascinating work that goes on in the brewery and the interesting workers themselves.



Sailor dress

Sailor dress




Pearl Necklace

Elegance, a fashion shoot looking at the 1940’s fashion era and exploring the theme of elegance in that time frame.

Models: Anne Attrebi and Rosie Tearle

Fashion Assistant: Stephanie Attrebi